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Peigne relaxant en quartz rose - Holidermie
Peigne relaxant en quartz rose - Holidermie
Peigne relaxant en quartz rose - Holidermie
Peigne relaxant en quartz rose - Holidermie

Rose quartz relaxing comb

HoliBeauty Tools®

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Inspired by traditional oriental massage techniques, using the Rose Quartz Relaxing Comb stimulates acupressure points on the scalp and provides a real sensation of relaxation.

By promoting muscle relaxation, scalp massage soothes features for more beautiful skin and a relaxed face. This technique also promotes hair growth by activating microcirculation and oxygenating the base of the follicle for stronger and shinier hair.

The results:
- Tones blood circulation
- Stimulates the scalp
- Relaxes and soothes muscle tension
- Accelerates cell regeneration
- Oxygenates the scalp
- Boost hair growth

Boost results with Beauty Gums to stimulate hair growth.

Place the toothed part of the comb at the hairline.

Applying light pressure, sweep the entire surface of the scalp from top to bottom and front to back to stimulate the energy points located in this area. Can also be used to massage the top and base of the neck going down to the shoulders for even deeper relaxation.

Our rose quartz stone comb is fragile, we advise you to handle it with care and keep it in its pouch.

Purifying and recharging crystals during the full moon

Always light a candle before purifying crystals to feel more aware of the present moment and your intention.

Water technique:

• Soak the crystals in a bowl of water for at least 2-3 hours
• Avoid coarse salt which demineralizes crystals
• Rinse in clear water then dry.

Fumigation technique:

• Pass the crystals through the smoke from burning sage or a Palo Santo stick to purify them
• Place them in the moonlight for a whole night, outdoors, near a window or on a balcony
• At daybreak, rinse them in clear water.

100% rose quartz stone (from Brazil).

Genuine rose quartz. Each piece is unique and may vary slightly in colour and size.

In lithotherapy, rose quartz represents love, linked to the 4th heart chakra. Its soothing energy promotes self-esteem and a sense of well-being. It helps to free yourself from stress and to restore the balance of your emotions.

Size : 11 x 5,5 cm

Weight: about 100g

How to use

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
H. (Lyon, France)

Peigne en quartz très frais, relaxant. Un vrai bienfait, surtout en complément du yoga du visage.

Marine (Mondragon, France)
Un superbe outil !

Déjà habituée à utiliser des outils en pierre demi-précieuse (Roll-On et Gua Sha) il ne me manquait que ce peigne pour pouvoir travailler la zone du cuir chevelu et de la nuque. Et il est parfait pour ça! Les dents permettent de vraiment sentir les appuis sur la peau tandis que sur les cheveux, ils procurent un bien-être immédiat ! Je recommande les yeux fermés.

Apaisant et relaxant

J'utilise ce peigne quotidiennement et les tensions se sont évaporées au niveau des cervicales, outre des compliments sur la densite de ma chevelure : excellent!

Karol (Castelmaurou, France)
Peigne très relaxant

Massage très relaxant agréable à passer sur les cheveux et dans le cou 😍 l effet que j attendais et bien au rendez vous ravie de mon achat 😊

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