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Our Philosophy

Holidermie displays its commitments and opts for total transparency towards its community. Its philosophy advocates benevolence, responsibility, respect and style!

Holidermie's mission is to accompany active women on a daily basis so that they remain beautiful and radiant for longer:

  • by preserving and beautifying their skin from the inside out.
  • by contributing to their physical and mental well-being.
  • by allowing them to take care of their style even in the bathroom.

A synergy of expertise and style for global beauty. Proven effectiveness and performance increased tenfold thanks to the synergy of active ingredients, nutrients, pre and probiotics in the care products and food supplements.


Holism / Objectivity / Simplicity / Elegance

Holism, the founding value of the brand

Holism is the holistic approach to beauty that is at the heart of the Holidermie project: Beauty is a whole. The enhancement and maintenance of women's beauty and the prevention of skin ageing are the result of a balance between the physical and emotional systems of the body through :

  • daily dermocosmetic antioxidant topical care combined with a nutriceutical solution
  • an anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory diet and the use of targeted food supplements
  • une activité sportive régulière, autant corporelle que faciale grâce entre autres aux protocoles de HoliFace Yoga
  • a better awareness of one's face and body with relaxation and meditation breaks


Objectivity and impartiality of recognised experts.

Products tested and approved by a medical and scientific committee, guaranteeing safety and expertise.
A modular and personalised offer designed to adapt to each skin type.
Effective and clean formulas.
Packaging reduced to the essentials: no cellophane or loose leaflets, accelerated biodegradable sachets of food supplements.


An approach adapted to the lives of demanding women.

Short and effective beauty rituals that are as holistic as they are elegant. Personalised recommendations based on "nutritional supplements/targeted anti-oxidant serums" thanks to a better knowledge of each woman through a complete questionnaire.

Self-massage methods, the result of collaboration with expert contributors: an innovative gesture with immediate effects on the tone and radiance of the face.

Multi-sensory application techniques.
A clear speech.
A pure aesthetic.
An intuitive online experience.

Elegance, the style of Mélanie Huynh at the heart of Holidermie.

A world of products with a harmonious and sophisticated aesthetic.
An aesthetic requirement combining modernity, sobriety and style.
A refined and caring way of being.
A personal DNA Fashion.

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Free delivery above 75 euros in Metropolitan France.

Une mini bougie offerte dès 100€ d'achat du 6 au 8 décembre

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