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Seasonal hair loss: our haircare ritual to restore density

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Stress, weather, hormonal fluctuations… Our hair tends to fall from early fall to winter. A natural (and totally normal) phenomenon that can be prevented with some simple gestures, Inside&Out. The goal? Limit hair loss, recover density and keep a healthy fiber in autumn and summer.  


As soon as the first cold starts to be felt, the hair falls by the dozens or even hundreds. And if some people notice almost no change, this problem can be binding for others. The important thing to know is that when fall starts, any healthy person can lose up to 100 hairs a day, which is two to three times more than in the spring or summer. But is this only due to the fresh air or lack of sunshine? It seems not… Here are the many causes that can intervene in this process and above all, here are our tips to be able to remedy it.



Causes of hair loss


There are several factors that can lead to significant hair loss. First there is stress. In the fall, the pace of work can be sustained as well as the personal obligations of everyday life. These elements can create an accumulation of fatigue and anxiety.

Factors that accentuate hormone sensitivity and increase seborrhea. The result? The sebum clogs the roots, which can no longer perform their function properly. At this point, you may notice that hair falls out in greater numbers, and the remaining ones may lack shine.


Other factors that can contribute to hair loss are deficiencies. Iron, vitamin B, vitamin D, and unsaturated fatty acids play a crucial role in hair growth and overall hair health. To ensure you get these daily nutrients, consider taking dietary supplements and adopt a varied diet (preferably seasonal).


If you're a fan of tight ponytails or buns, be aware that hair doesn't like being pulled too tightly and for prolonged periods. When this practice is done daily, it can cause the hairline to recede and eventually lead to alopecia.


Lastly, hormonal fluctuations can also come into play. For example, during pregnancy or a change in contraception, hormone levels may drop suddenly, resulting in acne, dullness, and unfortunately, varying degrees of hair loss.



How to slow down hair loss in autumn?


Discover the secrets of our Inside & Out ritual, designed to strengthen your scalp and hair from the roots while enhancing their beauty. Our routine includes haircare, delicious beauty gummies, and a relaxing Rose Quartz comb to massage and stimulate hair growth from the outside.



Slowing down hair loss with the right haircare routine


To slow down hair loss, it's essential to update your haircare routine to make it as gentle as possible.



Slowing down hair loss with our Beauty Gummies to nourish hair from the inside


Just like our skin, our hair deserves care and attention to preserve its health and beauty. Enriched with Biotin, Zinc, Vitamins C, and E, our Beauty Gummies, vegan and gluten-free, provide essential nutrients to maintain hair balance, limit hair loss, stimulate regrowth, and strengthen the hair fiber from within.


Plus, they come in a delicious raspberry flavor to enjoy anytime during the day (2 gummies per day).


If you want to go even further, you can also adopt a Mediterranean diet based on raw fruits and vegetables, which can provide you with many essential nutrients. One of the most important is vitamin A, which activates retinoid production to accelerate hair growth.



Slowing down hair loss using our Relaxing Comb to massage and stimulate regrowth from the outside


Because hair growth, density, and strength primarily depend on a healthy scalp, we have developed a Relaxing Rose Quartz Comb inspired by traditional Eastern massage techniques. It massages and stimulates acupressure points and the scalp, providing a real sense of well-being. In addition to these benefits, it also improves blood microcirculation and oxygenates the hair bulbs for stronger, shinier, and faster regrowing hair.


And because acupressure not only oxygenates the scalp but also offers a relaxed facial appearance to those who use it daily.


Wondering how to use it? We've prepared a tutorial for you, which you can find by clicking here.



Opt for sulfate-free and silicone-free shampoos


When hair is already stressed and undergoing significant climate changes, it becomes fragile. To avoid exacerbating this problem, check the INCI list of your shampoo to ensure it doesn't contain sulfates (an agent that makes the formula lather and gives the impression of a deep cleanse) or silicones. The former can dry out the scalp and further weaken it, while the latter clogs pores by leaving a sort of wax on the hair (giving a false sense of hydration). Once these two elements are eliminated, your hydrolipidic barrier can slowly but surely rebuild, and your hair will grow properly again.



In summary


As you can see, hair

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