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Justine Mauvin: our holimuse surfer of words and waves

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Her tanned face and long golden hair tell the story of a surfer. Her soft voice and her withdrawn words, meanwhile, make the soul of a poet feel. Justine Mauvin is an artist in her own right who, when she does not travel the world to conquer prestigious titles, devotes herself to her lifelong passion: song. Meet our multifaceted and hyperactive HoliMuse.  

She is already a double French champion and vice European champion. She has also recorded many tracks, shot a handful of clips and is currently working on her next EP, which will be released in September. Justine Mauvin combines all her talents under the sign of water. Reunionese, it is the ocean that guides her steps since always, and he returns it to her well. Encounter with an accomplished woman, surfer and musician, deeply connected to nature.  


Justine shares her beauty and wellness secrets:


You grew up in Reunion. Do you keep beauty rituals learned on the island?  


I scrub with sand on my legs when I’m at the beach, or with coffee grounds mixed with coconut oil when I’m away from the sea. Otherwise, like the Mahoraises (Comorian or Malagasy creoles of Comorian origin), I make masks based on m'sindzano (sandalwood), to which I add argan oil and geranium essential oils, for example.  


What are the first things you do in your day? 

I drink a large glass of water and greet all my acquaintances. Then, I apply argan oil on my face and do some light stretches.


Which Holidermie products do you never go without?


I use the day cream Urban Protection and the night treatment Fundamental Regeneration, which provide the right amount of hydration throughout the day or night. My skin feels supple and protected as a result. 

Do you follow a particular diet? 


I was a vegetarian for years, but now I follow a flexitarian diet. I no longer eat fish. I would like to try eating locally-sourced food. 


What does your ideal plate look like? 


Full of vegetables, legumes, and spices!!! For breakfast, I often have bananas, dark chocolate, and plant-based milk. 


What is your approach to dietary supplements? 


They are very useful! Our world is depleted of essential elements for our health and well-being. I regularly go on some supplement regimens. 


One of your songs is titled "Waterman." Why is water essential to you? 


I learned it from a young age: water is not just a resource but a source. The source of everything, where we come from, who we are. It is not only essential to me, but to all of us. It is everywhere, in all forms. 


What is your relationship with the ocean and surfing?  


The ocean has been my cradle and my greatest school. I have a very intimate relationship with the Ocean. I respect it as much as I venerate it. 

Surfing gives me a sense of great freedom; it is my unbreakable connection with the Ocean. 


Being very active, do you practice other sports or disciplines? Such as yoga or meditation? 


Yes, with what's left of my high-level sports life (competitions are on hold since the pandemic, NDLR), I have a daily need to move. I dance, I cycle or walk when I'm in Paris, I practice gentle yoga, and try to do strength training when I have time. I also practice meditation, but I admit that when I have time, I prefer to paint or read (isn't that a practical form of meditation?). 


At Holidermie, we are very committed to protecting the oceans. Are you personally involved? 


Of course! I am a representative of the Water Family, an organization that raises awareness among young people about water-related issues, from its formation in the mountains to the oceans. 


Why is it essential to opt for a sunscreen that respects marine ecosystems? 


We are already depleting the seas of their animal lives, and if we don't react to the toxicity of our household and cosmetic products, we are heading for disaster. What we put on our skin goes directly (and indirectly) into the oceans. It is an invisible yet too present pollution that disrupts marine life and reduces biodiversity. It shapes our lives... 


What is your mantra? 


"Cherish the flower." An invitation to self-care and care for others. 


Your favorite song? 


Alain Péters - Rest La Maloya

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