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Dry brushing: beauty through the skin

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Long deprived of exercise or outdoor outings, our body waits for one thing: to reconnect with smooth skin and a feeling of lightness.


On the occasion of the release of his Lait corps, Holidermie offers our daily lives a new gesture of beauty.thanks to its sisal silk and lotus wood body brush. Record exfoliation, revived energy flow and detox of the body and spirit: we unveil the secrets of a beauty ritual you will never be able to do without.  



The firmness ritual by Holidermie


Holidermie recommends dry brushing as a preamble to the application of his Milk. An ancestral ritual brought up to date, this method with its many virtues makes it possible to prepare the skin in the best conditions to potentiate the effects of the applied care.  


On dry skin for 5 to 10 minutes, brush in firm but light circular (bottom-up) movements throughout the body towards the lymph nodes (groins and armpits).

Record exfoliation, renewed energy flow and detox of body and mind


By brushing daily, the skin texture becomes more refined and the orange peel appearance decreases significantly after one month. After brushing, simply shower and apply the HoliBody Sculpting Body Milk which will penetrate the epidermis more easily, promoting a better assimilation of active ingredients such as caffeine.  


This technique also works emotionally:

Practiced in the morning, it helps to regain energy and strengthen immunity. Practiced in the evening, it provides a feeling of well-being and absolute relaxation.



The Body Brush:  Beauty on the skin

To prepare the skin to receive this care in the best conditions, Holidermie has selected a specific brush, to facilitate the assimilation of assets and to promote their effectiveness.


Thanks to the firmness and softness of its fibres, this exfoliating brush drains the lymph, detoxifies deeply and strengthens the tissues. The mechanical effect of dry brushing removes dead skin cells and leaves the skin soft and silky.


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