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My spring detox routine

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As nature prepares to emerge from hibernation, body and mind are also beginning a rebirth. To support the transformations precipitated by spring, I adapt my food & beauty habits to keep my body moving.


I take care of my skin


With the arrival of sunny days, you need to be extra vigilant to help the skin adapt to the renewal season. And yes, if the flowers bloom, so does the skin… I won’t say that I’m radically changing my skincare routine in the spring, the products I use, including Holidermie care, are in fact designed to respond to problems whatever the time of year. However, I adapt their use.

If I’ve been incorporating lymphatic drainage into my face routine for a long time, I apply myself even more in transition moments, to facilitate the elimination of toxins. To go deeper, I accompany the action of my Gua Sha in pink quartz oil Nutrition sublime.


To promote cell renewal, I use Detoxifying Purification two to three times a week. which helps the skin shed dead cells gently thanks to the active ingredients of papaya.


Finally, let's not forget about hydration! In spring, I switch to the Intense Balancing Concentrate, which helps the skin prevent those famous spring breakouts and relieves inflammations. The concentrate is complemented by the HoliPure supplement, which enhances the effectiveness of the serum. The formidable efficacy of the Inside&Out approach! This dietary supplement, taken as a cure every morning, ensures healthy skin thanks to Wild Pansy and Burdock with their sebum-regulating properties.

For the body, I recommend dry brushing every morning, which is particularly effective for deep drainage. In the evening, I use the Holidermie Body Gua Sha to enhance the effects of the morning drainage, but more gently...



I take care of my body

Deeply connected to the change of seasons, the liver is the key organ of spring. Clogged by a season of richer and heavier eating habits, coinciding with the arrival of sunny days, it is necessary to help it get rid of stagnation.


My heart leans towards vinyasa and Ashtanga when I step onto our Holiyoga Mat. However, yin yoga practice, based on traditional Chinese medicine and the body's meridians, is extremely effective in spring. The exercises offered in yin yoga act deeply on the body and are designed according to the meridians they activate: it will be good to do yin yoga sessions related to the liver to help detoxify it before even considering adjusting one's diet.

Detox goes hand in hand with a cleanse. Spring is the best time of year to use birch sap, which is ultra detoxifying, although aloe vera remains a good alternative for the same purpose. Adding pollen to your routine on an empty stomach is also a wonderful idea, as this superfood boasts a thousand and one virtues.


Juices are also precious allies for relieving the liver. My favorites are those from Maisie Café, Wild and the Moon, By Jardin, and PAF. Don't overdo it: one day from time to time is enough to lighten the load on the liver and allow it to recover. Occasionally, I like to treat myself to a three-day cleanse from Bespoke, a great program that combines the benefits of juices with healthy and fresh meals to perform a reset.



I pamper my mouth

Especially in spring, don't forget the ritual of tongue scraping (on an empty stomach, before any sips of water, tea, or coffee), which can be supplemented with oil pulling, a mouthwash with vegetable oil (I mix coconut and sesame oil). These two actions help eliminate all the toxins that accumulate in the mouth during sleep while respecting the natural balance of oral bacteria. A must to fully enjoy the flavors of the day to come.



I adapt my diet

Drinking plenty of water is also an undeniable piece of advice, as is varying pleasures with a good cup of tea. Holidermie Skin Elixir Tea, for example, is excellent for boosting the radiance of the complexion in addition to our holistic beauty routine and helps maintain overall well-being.


Finally, adapting one's diet to the seasons does not only mean in terms of the foods we cook. Spring may herald the arrival of salads, and yet it's not quite warm enough to subject your body to a completely cold diet. So, I prefer warm bowls or broths, especially those from Bu Bouillon, which are my favorites, and I add Konjac noodles, shiitake mushrooms, and coriander.

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