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The Experts

The Experts

Docteur Jerôme Paris

Dr Jérôme Paris, a plastic surgeon specialized in facial rejuvenation, is the Medical Director of Holidermie. He practices and consults in France (Paris, Marseille), England and Russia. Author of many scientific publications on minimally invasive facial rejuvenation techniques, he was in search of topical applications for skin suffering the after-effects of peels or injections. Convinced of the effectiveness of the nutritional supplements that he has always prescribed to Mélanie Huynh, Dr Paris designed and monitored the development of the brand’s skincare products and nutritional supplements. With his medical expertise, Dr Paris vouches for the safety of Holidermie products and oversees satisfaction and efficacy testing based on the principle of ‘informed skincare’. ‘The effectiveness of our formulas is multiplied when the skincare ritual is combined with personalised nutritional supplements,’ he affirms.

Francis Kurkdjian

In order to create a unique olfactory signature for the line, Mélanie called upon the expertise of Francis Kurkdjian, perfumer working with some of the biggest names in the luxury world. As a creator of internationally renowned fragrances, Francis Kurkdjian is an exceptionally gifted perfumer. A classical music and dance connoisseur, Kurkdjian strongly believes that creating a luxury fragrance should be carried out with the meticulousness of a full orchestral score. At Mélanie Huynh’s request, he has created the olfactory signature for the Holidermie range: a delicate and sophisticated fragrance that embodies urban naturalness. The resulting composition is a blend of magnolia, Bulgarian rose and amber-tinted woody notes.

Sylvie Lefranc

Sylvie Lefranc is the creator of a face yoga method that is the fruit of her 15-year professional and personal journey in the world of Beauty and Well-being, and of the teachings she received in France, India and English-speaking countries, which covered: Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Face Yoga, Facial Gymnastics, facial skincare and Ayurvedic face massage. Sylvie trained with Danielle Collins, the leading exponent of Face Yoga.

She is now a passionate teacher of conscious complementary techniques allowing each individual woman to develop and maintain glowing skin and a radiant face. Sylvie gives classes in Paris, at Le Tigre Chaillot, at her own practice and online. With Mélanie Huynh, she has chosen the exercises and poses that work in synergy with Holidermie rituals and offers master classes at the Holidermie Loft in Paris.


As a celebrity make-up artist, beauty addict and influencer, Violette knows all the specialist beauty brands and has been consulting beauty and wellness experts for many years. Her work brings her into daily contact with fashion models, whose skin she enhances with her pigments. Aware of the importance of product textures, Violette provided valuable insight during the formulation of Holidermie products in their various forms. The result: silicone-free, environmentally friendly formulas that still o er soothing sensoriality to the skin.

Barbara Sand

The collaboration between Mélanie Huynh and Barbara Sand is the fruit of a long-standing friendship and the sharing of deeply held values. Barbara performs weekly skincare and massage sessions for Mélanie, thus contributing to her energy balance.

Barbara has trained extensively in a range of complementary areas. Qualified in beauty therapy, certified in psycho-corporal practices, and trained in traditional Asian massage techniques such as shiatsu and kobido based on rebalancing the energy of the meridians (qi), her experience has enabled her over the past 25 years to develop a sense of holistic touch, linking technique and intuition. Her approach to beauty and well-being is based on the idea that our appearance cannot be dissociated from our emotions, the environment, the food we eat and the way we care for our bodies. Mélanie Huynh asked Barbara to formalize for Holidermie the self-massage rituals that work in perfect synergy with its “Skincare+Nutritional Supplements” program.

Virginie Paree

Virginie began her professional career as a sales manager, trainer and then sales manager. After fifteen years, she decided to change direction and to devote herself to her passion: nutrition.

Today, she supports clients individually who are looking for a preventive approach or simply a better way of life by relying on levers such as nutrition, breathing and emotional management. Virginie also works with companies, schools and high-level sports clubs.

She is the author of several books: L'alimentation santé en pratique, L'alimentation santé : les recettes!, Bien manger sans cuisiner, Sugar détox, Ma cure détox en 8 jours, Mon cahier de bien être des 4 saisons.

Claire Andreewitch

Originally from Sweden, Claire grew up with a holistic health practitioner as a father, a mother who is a nurse and grandparents who are vegetarian. After developing hypothyroidism, she decided to seek natural solutions and now devotes herself entirely to her passion: wellness.
Today Claire Andreewitch works as a naturopath, yoga teacher and is the founder of the Glow Method. This holistic beauty method is the result of a synergy of natural and simple practices. For Claire, healthy nutrition, skin care and relaxation are three pillars of a radiant lifestyle.
Consultations, Masterclasses, retreats and the creation of training courses and online programs such as Nutri-Glow, allow Claire to happily support her clients towards more vibrant health.

Gwénaëlle Guy-Fradj

Graduated from Cenatho, Gwénaëlle is has been an active practicing naturopath/doctor since 20212. She works with passion and empathy to help her clients to adopt a slow way of living on a daily basis. Her natural approach to health is for the well-being of body and mind.

As a naturopathic health practitioner, Gwénaëlle experiments “slow living” and shares it. Returning to fundamental principles, favoring a healthy lifestyle, preventing illness and optimizing health.

"For me, Naturopathy is a way of life that you gradually integrate into your life. Here and there in your daily life, you sprinkle little bits and pieces that make it up in its totality".

Fabienne Agnes

Fabienne Agnès is a certified masseuse with a degree in Aesthetics. She has perfected her knowledge with physiotherapists in order to perfectly master remodeling slimming treatments and lymphatic drainage. She is now an expert in palpating-rolling techniques and Californian, Swedish and deep tissue massages.

Passionate, she regularly partakes in ongoing training to offer tailor-made treatments to her customers. This is how she now masters all Kobido and Jacquet pinching gestures combining traditional Japanese techniques while using our HoliBeauty Tools. She now collaborates with Delphine Langlois, the French referent in FaceSculpting and Sylvie Lefranc, an expert in Face Yoga.

By joining Holidermie and Mélanie Huynh, Fabienne has created new protocols for a menu of holistic treatments, allowing a synergy between body and mind. The treatments offered at the Loft combine a dreamlike dimension with a musical immersion via the vibratory sounds of the Crystal Bowls and true excellence using the best care gestures.

Aurélia DEL SOL

"Find your own Energy, your Aura, your Glow" is Aurélia Del Sol's motto.

Aurélia is a yoga teacher and founder of the Face Soul Yoga method. Certified 500 RYT and Face Yoga, she has been practicing Face Soul Yoga full time for one year now. Back in France after 2 years in Australia and a few months in San Francisco, this entrepreneur at heart is bubbling with ideas and projects. She practices her profession as a facialist with partners such as Holidermie or the HOY Hotel in Paris.

Face Soul Yoga leads her to develop new techniques, communicate about these different programs and make people discover her passion. The method is holistic, gentle and effective. We talk about a method that harmonizes "Your Mind, Body, Soul". Aurélia mixes different breathing techniques, Face Soul Yoga, acupressure and self-massage. The aim is to stimulate the 57 muscles of the face which are only 20% used and allow the features to regain luminosity and relaxation, but also overall well-being.


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