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The secrets of Inside & Out Beauty

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At Holidermie, beauty is cultivated both from the outside and from the inside. A conviction carried by our founder Mélanie Huynh who believes in a global beauty, fruit of a balance of life.  


A revolutionary approach to skin care based on cosmetic treatments, dietary supplements whose active ingredients boost the benefits, as well as facial yoga and relaxation exercises.    


Zoom in on the secrets of a natural and holistic approach to reveal your beauty.



Inner Beauty: Nutritional Supplements


Our “physical or food” body according to traditional medicineIt is built and regenerated through the food we provide. In order to preserve skin cells from premature aging, it is essential to adopt a thoughtful diet.  


At the heart of Holidermie’s convictions lies a flawless, precisely dosed, multifaceted nutritional approach.


Beauty is a wonderful discipline


  • Exclusive Beauty Supplements


Holidermie has developed nutritional supplement programs with complex formulations, rich in targeted nutrients, adapted to the needs of each skin. Their perfectly dosed complexes resonate with the composition of Holidermie cosmetic treatments and optimize their effectiveness through an Inside & Out action. Discover your personalized program through our Beauty and Well-being Diagnostic.


  • HoliBeauty Food: A Blend of Gentleness, Gastronomic Pleasure, and Anti-Aging Skincare


To complement her routines, Mélanie Huynh has always relied on superfoods with antioxidant properties. Particularly popular across the Atlantic, dietary supplements are effective in providing the body with the resources it lacks over time, such as collagen, essential for skin firmness, which can be found in our Antioxidant Cacao Cubes.


Supplements can also serve as a shield against external aggressions, thanks to antioxidants hidden in our delicious Beauty Gummies or the miraculous recipe of our Beauty Drops, your new essential for flawless hydration and a perfect glow.



External Beauty: Tailored Treatments and Innovative Techniques


  • Essential Cosmetic Treatments


Holidermie has developed a line of essential cosmetic treatments for a complete, simple, and effective beauty routine. An easy beauty ritual designed to accompany us throughout our day.


Thus, we cleanse our face morning and evening without exception and apply two, or at most, three products. The serum (according to the skin's needs) or the lotion (Initial Essential) provides an active base on which the day cream Urban Protection applies its shield. A targeted treatment can complete this equation according to your skin's needs.


  • Beauty is a Wonderful Discipline: Cosmetic Treatments and HoliFace Yoga


Holidermie recommends applying its products with an innovative technique that has immediate effects on tissue tone and facial radiance.


By stimulating the face, the link between the skin and muscles is strengthened, increasing their tone and blood circulation. The goal is also to firm the contours of the face and improve the skin's texture for a healthier and more radiant complexion. Finally, massaging and stimulating the face with mindfulness helps relieve tension, provides a pure moment of pleasure, and, in particular, enhances the effects of treatments.


Interested in learning self-massage techniques? Don't wait any longer to visit our Youtube channel and discover the secrets of this practice with multiple benefits.


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