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Marine Vignes: the balance of happiness

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She has become a familiar figure. From one TV show to another, Marine Vignes has insinuated herself into our daily lives without us even noticing. Now at the helm of "Météo à la carte" every weekday on France 3, she delves into societal topics that relate to weather and seasons. Architecture, craftsmanship, lifestyle, delicious recipes, beauty... The TV presenter has become an expert in themes that evolve alongside our environment.


Two years ago, Marine Vignes also embarked on a fashion adventure. She co-founded her own brand, Love and Let Dye, with her friend Célia, which prompted her to grow her Instagram community to promote the brand. After all, who better than its founder to embody its creations? Thus, Marine confesses to having embraced the role and regularly shares her good spirits, tips, and heartfelt thoughts on the platform.



So, how does she maintain balance amidst all these commitments?

"I decided to invest in my new project because my daughters are grown up. It gives me a freedom that I wouldn't have if I had to take care of them. And being my own boss is exhilarating!" Through her smile, it becomes clear that Marine Vignes' balance comes from her happiness. By giving herself the opportunity to accomplish things on her own through Love and Let Dye, she has given her life a fresh impetus.

"I also take very good care of myself. It comes with age—I'm almost 50, and I don't care, I say it!—I pay more and more attention to what I ingest and what I put on my skin." Among her secrets: the trampoline. Yes, this sports enthusiast, who injured her knee, can no longer run or engage in high-impact activities for the joints. But beyond that, her rebounding mat has become essential. "I do it 3 to 4 times a week in the morning. It's gentle on the joints, stimulates cardio, strengthens the core, and, above all, boosts endorphins. It's a crazy feeling of going back to childhood."


Create the positive with the positive. I always see the glass half full.


In parallel, Marine practices barre au sol with her friend Julie from Holibarre. A complete sports routine for someone who unabashedly admits to being a big foodie! Fond of sugar, sharing moments with friends during aperitifs... but also fond of dietary supplements that she has been incorporating into her diet for a long time. "I take liposomal vitamin C for optimal absorption, currently doing a Glutathione detox for pre-spring, and regularly taking Holidermie supplements, a real pleasure to take... without any fuss!"



And when it comes to beauty?

Marine Vignes is more of a less-is-more person. "I don't think makeup suits me very well," she jokes, "but when it comes to skincare, I'm armed!" Lotions, Intensive Global Regeneration Concentrated Serum, day or night creams... She thoroughly inspects each product's composition. To vary and play with textures and needs, she doesn't use the same skincare products daily. Since happiness is the key to beauty, why not have fun in the bathroom too?

The next point may not make everyone happy. If there was only one tip to remember according to Marine, it would be this: taking cold showers. "Not lukewarm or slightly cold, icy!" advises the person who sneaks into her daughters' shower to find colder water. "Cold showers are magical. Anyone can do it—admittedly, it's not easy. But it makes the skin soft, boosts the immune system, makes hair shine, and... saves water!" she swears, confessing at the same time that she no longer even enjoys a nice hot bath.


Some mornings, her routine is complemented by a tea, sometimes Holidermie Beauty Elixir Tea, or sometimes an herbal infusion with adaptogenic plants. Other times, she uses the Lightinderm lamp, which, thanks to its LEDs, targets the facial skin in a focused manner.



Marine Vignes in balance

One might think that a well-being expert like Marine Vignes would be strict about her diet. While it is true that she exclusively chooses organic foods sourced directly from producers, she has not given up on meat or fish. "I eat a nice piece of meat almost once a week, and for fish, it's even less frequent. But the important thing is to enjoy oneself. Without that, I'm not happy." The presenter also indulges in the joys of aperitifs from time to time with her friends, but always in balance. "If I indulge myself a little too much, eat too much fat, or have one too many drinks, I balance it out the next day with a broth or an ultra-light meal to allow my body to recover," she explains.


And what if balance were the key?


3 Quick Questions for Marine Vignes


Your guilty pleasure: You guessed it... Aperitifs!

Your mantra: Creating positivity with positivity. I always see the glass half full. It allows me to never approach a situation that seems negative at first glance as such. And it changes your life.

Your favorite song: "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac. An incredible song that instantly lifts my spirits. I'm a fan of its drums, rhythm changes... A gem!


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