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Meet Morgane Jorge, the sunny soul of Stones Club

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After several years in the music industry, she embarked on a quest for a meaningful adventure and created Stones Club in June 2020.
It has been an inspiring journey for this radiant personality who opened up about her life, the power of crystals, her well-being rituals, all with the gentleness that characterizes her...

Tell us about your journey and what led you to crystal healing

I worked several years in the music industry before launching this project. I was an artist agent in electronic music, and although it was a great opportunity for me, I felt that I wasn't truly fulfilled. I left my job in 2019, traveled solo, and discovered personal development and crystals, among other things, during that time. It allowed me to better understand what I needed. Stones Club was born a few years later, with a desire to share all the knowledge I had acquired to help people in turn with these issues.

What is Stones Club?

Stones Club is a space where I share my knowledge in personal development through an online crystal healing shop, workshops, and masterclasses on crystals, numerology, and the Marseille tarot. But I also offer personal development retreats in France and abroad.


How do crystals boost our daily lives?

Everyone is free to create their rituals with crystals. It's a practice that works on intuition, self-confidence, and, most importantly, listening to one's needs. So, it's important to me that they can constantly evolve, and each person finds a use that is unique to them. We choose stones according to our needs (physical or emotional) and surround ourselves with their energies by keeping them on ourselves, at home, or integrating them into our well-being practices. 


What crystals do you recommend to start the year with positive energies? 

This month is very intense astrologically, so we will work on our energy, mood, and emotional management. To boost the body: a stone connected to the root chakra like Garnet or Brescia Jasper. To boost the mood: a stone connected to the solar plexus like Citrine or Yellow Calcite. To soothe the emotional system: a stone connected to the heart chakra like Aventurine or Kunzite. 


Which crystals accompany you the most in life? 

I rediscover and integrate them into my daily life as my needs evolve. Right now, I am working with stones connected to the root chakra that support grounding, vitality, and protection. My top 3 at the moment: Tourmaline for protection, Red Jasper for energy, and Amethyst for the mind. 

Everyone is free to create their own rituals.

Your daily holistic beauty rituals?  

I always ritualize bath time. Water is for me a symbol of purification and a way to recharge my batteries. I always purify the space upstream, use candles and integrate crystals. I choose stones according to my needs and slide them into the bath water to enjoy their energies.  


Holidermie favourites?  

The entire Beauty Food range, which is a great way for me to help the body overcome all the fatigue and re-boost its capabilities. It’s a great way to bridge the gap between the needs of the physical and the needs of the mind. Mantra?  

“Cherish the straw that breaks the camel’s back because it’s the one that’s driving the change.” I love that phrase, which I think is very fair, and which fits all of us at some point in our lives. It is through complex periods that we rediscover our needs and our own functioning and make decisions to realign ourselves.

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