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Meet Kate Zubok: music as a tool for well-being

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Kate Zubok is a night owl. The young Ukrainian settled in Paris draws the rhythm of her life from music. Literally. While she shares her energy with the crowd when she tunes her hits to her desires, music has also become a powerful tool for well-being and harmony. Let's meet her. 


Have you ever noticed the power of music on your emotions? The pulses racing when, in a movie, the hero chases his target to a frantic tempo. The tears welling up when the sound reaches the heart. The body and mind freeing themselves when the volume of your favorite track intensifies, and you lose control of your movements...


On your mat, the rhythm of a song guides your practice. Inhale, exhale... It boosts a sun salutation and soothes during a final savasana. In the morning, it can influence the mood of an entire day. Kate Zubok understands this well: music is a vector of sharing and sensations. That's why she chose to become a DJ. "When I attended my first festival, Kazantip - Republic of Happiness, I realized that my place was behind the turntables. I wanted to convey emotions to the crowd."


A DJ since 2013, a producer since 2017, her passion for music goes way back. "My parents gave me a microphone when I was 7 years old. I started recording a kind of radio show on cassette. I also wrote poems and songs at that time." Since then, she has been playing at various events and traveling around the world to share her incredible electrifying energy. She also plays the handpan, a percussion instrument that produces beautiful melodies that flow perfectly with yoga sequences.


How do you maintain balance when you are often away from home?


"Beauty is being healthy. So, to stay in shape when I travel a lot and work at night, I impose discipline on myself. For example, I pay close attention to the products I use to nourish my body, Inside & Out. Food is our energy, we are what we eat. Therefore, I focus on a diet low in alcohol, sugar, and fats, and I try to maximize my sleep, intensify my yoga practices. I take dietary supplements and vitamins.


I also pay special attention to my mental health when I am on the road. A balanced mind allows me to function in a balanced way. So, I try to stay in a good mood thanks to good nights of sleep and grounding work on the yoga mat. Meditation, which I practice every day, also allows me to release tension, calm my mind, and be in the present moment."


On the beauty side, Kate adopts a less is more routine:

"My morning routine is quite simple: I cleanse my face with a reusable sponge, then apply a serum with which I perform some facial yoga movements to drain. A moisturizing cream completes this effective ritual. Sometimes, if I feel the need, I use an eye cream enriched with vitamin C to give radiance to my skin or reduce my dark circles."


Because the young musician confesses without reservation that she doesn't like to spend too much time in her bathroom — "Time is too precious!" — she has adopted two Holidermie essentials to protect her skin before a DJ Set. "I love the Régénération Concentrée serum and its antioxidant effect that I apply in synergy with the Protection urbaine cream. I use them ritually before applying makeup for the stage. This routine protects my skin from the aggressions of lights or smoke during a show: my skin remains well hydrated. I also use the Défense cellulaire SPF 50 cream daily: I love its texture and divine scent!"


Find Kate Zubok's harmonizing playlist for Holidermie on Spotify:

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