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Virginie Séchaud: our HoliMuse guru of holistic nutrition

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The importance of a healthy and balanced nutrition has always been a guiding force in Virginie Séchaud's life. From advising startups in Silicon Valley to her childhood in the Basque Country and her practice in Switzerland, our HoliMuse has built an unconventional journey and a strong experience from which she now derives a holistic method called Real Holistic Nutrition, a true virtuous circle of well-being linked to her way of eating. Let's meet her.


"I would say I am a self-taught nutritionist," Virginie Séchaud says with amusement as our conversation begins, before retracing her life's journey.


Raised in the Basque Country in a family convinced of the importance of nutrition as a tool for personal development and health, her first life, however, was far from holistic. An expert in HR development for both multinational corporations and innovative companies in the heights of San Francisco, she traveled the world with a husband and three children in tow. Her pace was fast, exciting, but exhausting. And soon, she experienced burnout.

Having grown up as a high-level athlete in her teenage years—she was ranked in tennis and competed in skiing—the adult she became was confronted with a world of fast food, especially during her years in America. "I firmly believe that nutrition makes us mentally stronger. But facing a lifestyle that was richer, sweeter, and less balanced, I eventually gave in," she admits. While the burnout cannot be solely attributed to nutritional imbalance, Virginie Séchaud, for the first time, acknowledged the chain reactions that a suffering body can trigger. This was the turning point.


"When one is aligned, both physically and mentally, the path of life unfolds with undeniable logic" - Virginie Séchaud


Returning to Europe, Virginie embarks on a true return to her roots. She radically changes her lifestyle: she resumes physical activity, reintegrates healthy principles into her diet, takes care of her mental well-being... Simultaneously, she solidifies her knowledge in nutrition and macrobiotics at the School of Alternative Medicine in Geneva and Harvard.

With a rich background of experiences and enlightened knowledge, Virginie naturally embarks on a new adventure, eager to share what she has learned and tested. Thus, the Real Holistic Nutrition method is born, a holistic approach based on four pillars: stress management, sleep, external environment, all in parallel with physical activity and balanced nutrition. Since then, our HoliMuse offers consultations between Paris and Geneva, as well as through phone and Zoom (information at the end of this article).


Five questions for Virginie Séchaud:


  • Strong body, strong mind... Is that the idea behind Real Holistic Nutrition?

The tools I provide my clients, based on my Real Holistic Nutrition protocol, allow them to build a strong metabolism that, in turn, strengthens their mental well-being. By reducing stress, promoting sleep, reconnecting with nature or with one's body, we create a virtuous circle whose benefits are felt even on the outside. I also believe that when you are balanced on the inside, everything becomes possible, fears fade away. So why not take on sports or intellectual challenges?


  • How do you approach the concept of beauty inside & out?

I firmly believe that a balanced diet is not only about a healthy regimen. Each morning, I take numerous dietary supplements (Omega 3, Vitamin C, D, magnesium, antioxidants...) that fulfill certain deficiencies or needs of the body. Thus, I often use Holidermie's Beauty Adaptogenic Powder, which contains many beneficial actives to boost the body. In addition, I absolutely adhere to the idea of in & out: cosmetics used in synergy with nutritional care enhance their effects. It's magical!


  • What are your tips for approaching autumn with serenity?

1. Spend time outdoors, absolutely! Cover up and take walks; it is key to good mental health. As we've seen, the air inside confined spaces doesn't bring anything good...


2. Don't hesitate to take a Vitamin D supplement with HoliPulp: sunlight will become scarce, and this vitamin helps to resist the gloom of an approaching winter.


3. Avoid excessive sugar intake. Fresh and colorful salads will be farther away, and soon Christmas chocolates will appear. But beware: sugar has a real impact on both physical and mental health — I can tell you that! So, if you crave sweets, opt for coconut or birch sugar, chestnut honey... or Holidermie's Cubes of Cacao enriched with collagen, a healthy treat that I find hard to resist!


4. The skin will soon be exposed to the cold: anticipate its needs by taking a course of good fatty acids (why not based on borage oil) and by adopting a richer and protective cream, such as Holidermie's Hydra-Energizing Cream.


5. Massage yourself. It may seem trivial, but in autumn as well as in winter, we tend to hide under thick clothes and sometimes forget to take care of our bodies. Thus, massaging with an oil or moisturizing cream, with Holidermie's Gua Sha Body, allows it to maintain its vitality and the health of its skin.



  • To end on a feel-good note, what are your...


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