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Meet Sybille Kleber, a heritage of global beauty

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En splitting her time between Bordeaux and Paris, entrepreneur Sybille Kleber has found her balance. As the head of an agency representing hairdressers and makeup artists in Paris, this woman in her fifties and beauty expert has also resumed her modeling career, turning her age into a true strength. Let's meet our HoliMuse of December. Our conversation immediately opens with a paradox: "You run an agency representing beauty professionals but advocate for natural beauty at all costs..." Sybille Kleber has experience and insight. She knows the difference between being beautiful and feeling beautiful. "I promote overall beauty." At fifty years old, she knows very well that superficialities are mere substitutes, and that the essence lies elsewhere. Holistic is the new chic. "I started my modeling career at the age of fifteen," she explains, "so I quickly learned to take care of myself - and not just with moisturizing creams." Without the habits she acquired in her adolescence, she wouldn't be who she is today. "I exercise, pay attention to my diet, and regulate the frenetic pace of my life..." This balance, precisely, has been established since she left Paris for the Bordeaux region.


Change of Life


The decision came from her daughter's passion for horse riding and the need to separate her professional and personal life. After a detour through Belgium, they settled in a village an hour away from Bordeaux, which became their new home. It was a resurrection.


"I have a simple and nature-focused routine. I am a member of an AMAP (Association for the maintenance of peasant agriculture), so I also do a lot of cooking," she confesses. "And then, here, when I walk alone in the forest, I find myself. In Paris, I feel like I am never alone, constantly being approached."


So she splits her time in half. She lives in the countryside and returns to Paris whenever her agency needs her. "For a meeting, for a fashion week... The rest of the time, I stay at home, which is the great advantage of remote work! However, I love immersing myself back into the excitement of the big city; that hustle and bustle are part of the balance I have created for myself."


Expert in Natural Beauty


In recent years, Sybille Kleber has returned to her first career as a model. With her friend, the photographer Bruno Juminer, she posed one day, almost by chance. Something happened: the photo radiated, and it was left untouched. It was the beginning of a new chapter.


"There is a real lack of representation for women of my age,"

Sybille insists, saddened by the fact that despite the passing of time, the industry's standards have not evolved. She then took it upon herself, unofficially, to reopen the dialogue and to empower women in their fifties, just like herself. "I often speak out, but I'm here to inspire, not dictate. I share my tips, my points of view, but with the sole purpose of allowing women to pick the ideas that suit their lifestyle."


So, what is Sybille Kleber's beauty routine? "It's actually quite simple," she reassures. "In the morning, I cleanse my face with floral water, often with cornflower or rose. Then, I apply an eye contour serum and cream, followed by a facial serum. Currently, I swear by the HoliPulp Intense Redensifying Serum from Holidermie. I apply it using the technique recently shared by Mélanie in a video, gently and with light pressure. I finish my routine with the Protection Urbaine Antioxidant Cream."


In winter, she doesn't change her routine much, except that she prefers a richer moisturizer as the weather gets colder. "But the one who influences me the most is my daughter. She is fourteen years old and already much more knowledgeable than me. I feel that girls of her generation are all much more interested in beauty than we were at their age. They can decipher the composition of a product, advise on ingredients to use for specific skin issues. It was my daughter who recommended colloidal silver water to calm my redness or minor skin problems..."


4 Existential Questions for Sybille Kleber:


• What's your guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate: I have a square every day with my coffee, or sometimes a glass of red wine... I'm also looking forward to trying the Cubes de cacao!


• Your mantra?

"It's never too late."


• Your favorite music?

I'm a big fan of Bowie, so I'd say "Heroes".


• Your favorite book?

I'm currently reading Lise Bourbeau's book "The 5 Wounds That Prevent Us from Being Ourselves." I'm really captivated by the relevance of her thoughts and the correlations between physical and psychological states. Otherwise, I always mention "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.


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