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Alice Pagès: our vegan HoliMuse

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Her journey is unconventional - in all the paths she has taken. Trained as an engineer in Toulouse, Alice Pagès is now one of the most influential food bloggers in France, delighting our eyes with her succulent photos and our taste buds with her easy and delicious recipes. For Holidermie, she reflects on the pillars of her life.


Her Instagram account makes our mouths water with envy. Through her colorful photos, she puts veganism at the heart of the debate. Who would have guessed that the recipe for her arancinis is... 100% composed of plant-based ingredients? No milk, no butter, definitely no meat—Alice Pagès excels in healthy indulgence.



Things haven't always been this way. While she did grow up in a family where food is a focal point - with often healthy and vegetarian cooking - Alice was destined for a career as an aircraft engine design engineer. She pursued her studies with brilliance and still confesses to loving that period. "I liked that job. But something drew me towards a different life path..."


Entering professional life, Alice develops new habits around sports and nutrition. She starts exercising regularly and takes the step towards veganism. 


Being vegetarian since the age of 14, the transition is smooth, driven by both conviction and personal desire. "I had some knowledge, partly passed on by my mother, especially regarding the impacts of dairy production and the animal welfare issues related, for example, to egg-laying. So, I wanted to go all the way in doing things."



My recipes, I create them to show those who want to try veganism or to make life easier for those who have made this choice.


Seven years ago, during a turning point in her life, Alice lamented the lack of vegan options. "Literally everywhere: at restaurants, of course, but also in supermarkets that didn't widely sell plant-based milks, for example." So, little by little, she questioned herself, challenged herself in the kitchen... Soon, she requested a day off per week from her employer to focus on creating content related to cooking and eventually broke away from engineering, driven by the enthusiasm generated by her cooking and photos.


And so, for the past six years, Alice Pagès has been a chef, photographer, and content creator. Self-taught, this young woman never pretends to educate people but rather to inspire them. "My recipes, I create them to show those who want to try veganism or to make life easier for those who have made this choice. I am by no means a lecturer."


A successful bet for this young woman of Reunionese origin, whose Instagram posts always leave everyone's mouth watering!


Alice Pagès' Vegan Winter Recipe:

"The delicious dessert cream I concocted during our workshop with Holidermie." The recipe is available here.


Her Food Tips for Winter:

"Listen to your cravings: it prevails all year round. But also, don't hesitate to spice up your dishes: spices (ginger, turmeric, cumin, thyme, rosemary...) have the magical property of boosting the immune system and energizing you."


Her Food Routine for Winter:

"I cook a lot for others... and little for myself! In winter, for dinner, I always go for roasted vegetables: squash, carrots, parsnips, rutabagas... with olive oil, maple syrup, cumin, paprika, turmeric, and a bit of boiled kale or chickpeas."


Alice Pagès' Beauty Routine:

"Here too, I'm quite lazy... (laughs) I pay great attention to what I put on my skin and keep it minimal: a gentle cleanser and moisturizer in the morning, an exfoliant and relaxing CBD oil at night. However, I'm a big fan of dietary supplements, especially those from Holidermie that I have incorporated into my rituals. The Beauty Gummies and the Cubes of Cocoa are my guilty pleasure! And I add the Adaptogenic Beauty Powder to my lattes once a day, in the mid-morning."

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