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Maryam Kaba, solar dancer

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Athletic coach, dancer and choreographer Maryam Kaba is the founder of an innovative discipline, AfroVibe. A delicious blend of fitness and Afro dance that highlights the dances of the world to the rhythm of catchy percussions. An invitation to escape, to let go, and the acceptance of oneself. With for only credo: «Everybody can Vibe!». In a sunny and positive mood, Maryam shared with us the secrets of her daily life for a radiant look and a top-notch spirit throughout the year.


What is your morning and evening routine?

In the morning, I wash my skin with water and then with a cleansing emulsion. I apply Aloe Vera gel from the brand Forever Living, then a serum. Finally, I don’t leave without applying my antioxidant Protection urbaine day cream.

In the evening, I wash my skin with Aleppo soap, Aloe Vera and apply a very oily cream, home made, based on shea, calendula, beeswax and sweet almond. Or I apply my Holidermie Fundamental Regeneration.


How do you like to take care of yourself?

I like to have my body massaged as soon as I can, my face too, or go to the Hammam. I love the frozen sea baths in Marseille. And everything simple: eat well, sleep early.


What is the sport/activity that makes you feel good?

Afro Dance, AfroVibe dancehall, jazz heels... Pilate and Yin Yoga.

Don’t take yourself too seriously and love yourself a little more every day


Your favorite Healthy recipe?

All honey roasted vegetables (Malromeo honey is extra), squash seeds or pumpkin, with beautiful baked eggplants. You can add Tahini, crushed tomatoes.  


What’s always in your fridge ?

My farmer’s seasonal vegetables, I have one basket a week.


Your favorite treat?



Your look that makes you feel good?

Wide flowing trousers, body and a wide silk shirt. I like to stay barefoot as I like to wear heels or sneakers, depending on the circumstances!


Who inspires you?

Nina Simone.


What is your favourite stone?

The Eye of the Tiger protects me from bad energies.


Your superpower?

Oops I don’t know... I want to say my qualities but that’s not really it. I would talk about my intuition.

I laugh all the time, I bring joy to people around me. And I am authentic.


Your antidepressant remedy?

Dance and tweak on my favorite sound!


Do you have any advice to share with HoliCommunity?

Have fun and laugh a lot this is the base, don’t take yourself too seriously and love yourself a little more every day.

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