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Edible seaweed

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Rich in nutrients such as iodine, riboflavin and thiamine, it’s a great source of fiber for intestinal health!

But how do we use it in the kitchen and integrate it into our daily diet?

Try using seaweed in salads, soups and smoothies! Spirulina, one of the most popular forms of algae, contains all the essential amino acids that the body uses for energy. It is delicious in smoothies and has a beautiful vibrant GREEN color.  


Nori seaweed is crunchy and excellent when baked with a touch of tamari and sesame oil. Seaweed oil is also a great way to replace fish oil for vegans and vegetarians. Nutritious and versatile, algae can help improve digestive health, lower cholesterol, improve skin and hair, support thyroid function and fight free radical damage!


Here is an easy mix of edible flowers, dried seaweed, oregano, sesame seeds and salt; a beautiful salad topping that brings a lot of flavors. Caleigh Megless @keili_paris

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